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Project: Clarks - Born in Desert

Summary: To celebrate Clarks desert boots 65th anniversary, they formed a partnership with Car and Driver to create custom content to highlight the legacy of their "born in the desert" boot. Given it's origins are rooted in utility and practicality for arid desert terrains, we paired  that legacy of the Clarks' desert boot with vintage Land Rovers. This lead us to devising an overlanding adventure to take both out to places where they were designed to function well. We tasked a couple of seasoned Land Rover enthusiasts to capture a photo journalistic account of their trip into areas in and around Death Valley and the White mountain range northeast of the city of Los Angeles.  

With outdoor-adventure photographer Sinuhe Xavier, he captured a duo of Land Rover 110 driven by an experienced overlanding pair made up of Xavier, Jack Quinlan, Geoff McFetridge. Quinlan an experienced outdoorsman, military off-road vehicle instructor and McFetridge, a well regarded artist and overlanding adventurer and Xavier himself an avid overlander and off-road expert, who is exe. creative director for Overland Journal. 

The images lived on a dedicated article page surrounded by Clarks brand units. The project was promoted through facebook, instagram and in-stream units on as well as an X-rail promo unit on the homepage and custom 300×250 units driving to the article page.

Role: art director

Photography: Sinuhe Xavier

Clarks laptop-screenClarks laptop-screen